I don’t know who I am anymore.


get to know me -  [1/10] male characters: Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer


cut it out | kitten | "just let me be, just let me be, just let me be, just let me breath" 

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Why do dirty hippies act like John Lennon was a saint

He physically abused both his wives, emotionally abused his son, was openly homophobic and antisemetic, was controlling and misogynist, he literally made yoko ono write a list of all the men she’d been with and shamed her for it, was openly racist, wrote a song called “woman is the n-word of the world” (except actually used the slur) and never actually did any activist work, just posed with whatever groups and signs were counter-culture for the media, stated that the idea of disabled people touching him made him sick, used to pretend to be intellectually disabled on stage as a joke, and probably tons more shit that was never documented

Stop worshipping john lennon. The Beatles are mediocre and he was a horrifying human being


when you go to a friends house and their pet sits next you 



me as hell

get to know me meme → [2/?] favorite movies

 Clueless (1995)