And Serena and Blair? They do besties better than anyone.

he’s afraid of storms

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i can’t believe people get so angry about a bisexual spider-man. whatever. have your shitty bi/homophobic opinions. you’re an asshole anyway. i just can’t believe you’re robbing everyone of all the glorious ‘swings both ways’ jokes



Ingrid Nilsen, aka “missglamorazzi” on youtube, recently uploaded a 17-minute long disguised commercial for plastic surgeon Dr. Philip Miller under the guise of a “genuine” self-confidence video. She begins the video by encouraging her viewers (mostly 10-16 year old girls) to become introspective about their physical insecurities, next assures them to open their minds to new experiences, then finally hits them home with a hidden paid advertisement for Dr. Miller.

We believe that it is irresponsible to promote a plastic surgeon to her young and impressionable demographic, especially for financial gain, we are urging youtube to look into this matter immediately

To report, click on this link

Click the flag button, and mark off “Spam or Misleading”

For timing, 9:18 is when she begins the hidden promotion.

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I’m going to teach you self-defense, Milkovich style.

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